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Comma SG500M 500ml Aerosol Spray Grease

5011846005093, 5011846103867, 113114, SG500M, COMSG500M
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Product Description

A modern vehicle has so many different moving parts which rely upon hinges, bearings and other mechanical moving parts. The part after time become less manoeuvrable with grease and lubricates wearing out. This is where Comma have created an easy to use product to stop this from happening.

Comma's Spray Grease has been developed to be used as a multipurpose grease. The grease can lubricates and protects hinges, bearings and moving parts. The canister also comes with an extra tube and nozzle to reach areas.

Comma Oil and Chemicals was founded on a real ‘passion for performance’ in 1965 as a UK-based, independent oil 'blender'. Quickly establishing their products as being the first-choice supplier of engine oils to independent workshop mechanics in the UK, Comma has recently grown to distribute to more than 40 other countries around the world.

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Technical Details

Volume 500ml
Brand Comma
Manufacturer's Part Number SG500M
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