• The purchaser may not cancel or suspend any order which has been accepted by the Seller without the Seller's specific written consent and only then on terms which will fully indemnify the Seller against any and all loss or expense resulting there from.
  • The Seller reserves the right not to accept goods correctly supplied for return. If goods are accepted for return then a handling charge of 20% or more will be made.
  • Goods cannot be accepted for credit unless returned within seven days of issue, in the same condition.
  • The advice note or invoice number must accompany all claims and returned goods.
  • Old core must be returned within one month, be the same as the original, in the original packaging and be suitable for re-manufacture, otherwise no credit will be given.
  • All claims/returns within the Warranty system must be accompanied by a completed Warranty Claim Form.
  • All Refunds Will Be Refunded By the Original Payment Method, In Most Cases This Will Be Paypal.