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Cuts your fuel bills by 10%! Saves 2-3 times its cost! PLUS gives lower emissions, cleaner engines and reduced engine wear and maintenance! Suitable for use with Petrol, Diesel, Biodiesel and Heating Oils *Not an ordinary Fuel Additive but a unique 100% Hydrocarbon Liquid Fuel Treatment. Free of Detergents, Cetane Enhancers, Octane Boosters or Heavy Metals. Contains nothing that is not already in the fuel that alters the original fuel specifications so all Engine and Boiler Warranties are intact *Proven in over 100m miles of Commercial Government Military and Private service all over the world! Complies with all relevant Manufacturer and UK and US Regulatory Fuel Standards and Specifications *Allows much more of the fuel to be burned. More complete combustion releases more energy from your fuel to give more power and better mileage *Helps ensure your Vehicle meets Mandatory UK MOT Emissions Standards. Significant reductions in Nitrous Oxide *Burns away Carbon Deposit build up. Keeps the Fuel Injectors, Tanks and Supply Lines clean and free of sludge and heavy deposits. Eliminates Diesel Smoking. Reduces Oil Contamination *Safe in all recommended applications. Non toxic, non hazardous and non corrosive. Ignition flash point is 193C *Easy to use. Simply fill up your vehicle with fuel, then pour in the corresponding amount of Dipetane. e.g. for 40 litres of fuel pour in 4 units of Dipetane. Instantly self mixes. No danger from putting in too much *Economic. A little goes a long way! Each bottle of Dipetane treats 200 litres of any fuel. Plus Extra Multibuy Savers *Designed for continuous use *Suitable for all Diesel and Petrol Cars, Vans, Taxis, Trucks, Buses, Boats, Agricultural and Construction Machinery and all heating and Industrial Fuel applications

About Dipetane

What We Do

We manufacture and distribute a unique product called Dipetane that upgrades petroleum fuels without any additives or mechanical devices.


Company Background

Dipetane is a 100% Irish owned Irish private company. Our fuel technology was developed by a group of Irish scientists in 1986 in response to:

  • 2 energy crises
  • Rising fuel costs
  • Increased atmospheric pollution
  • Growing concerns at the impact of climate change

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