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Wynn's 51265 425ml Engine Flush Petrol and Diesel

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Product Description

Getting the optimal performance out of your car can mean spending vast amounts of money at garages that do not always solve the problems. Sometimes simply cleaning and protecting your car’s various systems can have a dramatic performance effect.

Wynn’s Engine Flush for petrol or diesel engines quickly and efficiently dissolves varnish and removes sludge and any other contaminants from vital engine parts, hydraulic systems and gearboxes. It cleans engines internally, removes harmful deposits and neutralises acids. It also provides friction proofing during treatment, frees sticking internal engine components and quietens noisy hydraulic valve lifters. The engine flush will work on all petrol and diesel engines of vehicles and stationary equipment’s.

Wynn’s has over 70 years’ experience manufacturing products for the automotive market. Wynn’s offers chemical treatments that restore and maintain optimal operation in vehicle systems. As an alternative to mechanical repairs, many car problems can be resolved or prevented using chemical treatments that are efficient, affordable and easy to use. Wynn’s has a very strong brand reputation and high quality recognition with more than 400 products in their range.

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About Wynns

Wynn’s chemicals meet the specific requirements of modern engines, while optimizing and protecting older vehicles. Wynn’s chemical treatments can be used both preventive, to avoid problems from appearing and to ensure the optimal maintenance of your vehicle, as well as curative, to solve engine problems and other malfunctions.

10 goods reasons for using Wynn’s chemical treatments:

  1. Improve or restore engine performance
  2. Prevent fast degradation and ageing of a system
  3. Protect and lubricate parts
  4. Clean systems fouled by impurities
  5. Prevent fouling of engine parts
  6. Stop leaks
  7. Reduce exhaust gases
  8. Prevent or reduce high consumption
  9. Prevent seasonal problems
  10. Solve bad smell problems

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