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L117C - Holts Paint Match Pro Aerosol 500ml

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Product Description

Holts Paints: Decades of experience in each can

The Holts range of paints has been specially developed to give you the perfect match to your car’s colour, for repairs and renovation. The range covers 8000 paint colours making it easy for you to find your ideal shade.

  • Caps are sprayed with the actual colour – what’s on the cap is in the tin!
  • Easy to use.
  • Guaranteed manufacturer quality and finish.
  • The simple way to get the right paint for your car.

More than Just Car Paint:

Holts paints can be used on more than just cars – from bikes to BBQs, you can spray virtually any metal surface.

Simply choose your colour and get painting.

Use Holts paints on any of the following:

  • Motorbikes
  • Bicycles
  • Gates
  • Railings
  • D.I.Y Uses
  • Garage Doors
  • Hobbies

Find Your Perfect Colour Match

Effectively remedy any imperfections, scratches or dents on your car’s bodywork with the Holts Paint Match Pro range of paints. Perfectly matching over 8,000 different colours from over 90 different car manufacturers; the Paint Match Pro range makes it easier to return your car to its showroom best.

Developed to perfectly match the colours used by car manufacturers and to the same design standards, the paints guarantee manufacturer quality and finish – so no one will be able to tell where you’ve covered up the imperfections.

If you don’t know the name or colour code of the paint, simply contact us 

Simply spray the paint onto the car’s bodywork and leave to dry – it really has never been easier to solve superficial damage to your vehicle.

Frequently Purchased With...

Simoniz Light Grey Etch Primer

  • Provides powerful rust protection and strong surface adhesion.
  • Promotes strong surface adhesion to difficult substrates such as polished metals
  • The etch primer is also suitable for use on fibreglass and resin mouldings

Simoniz Etch pre-treatment for polished metals. Guaranteed to create a smooth surface & prevent corrosion. Suitable for use on a range of metal surfaces When painting a polished metal you need a strong primer which can bond with the shiny surface and give you a base to paint on. This is where the Simoniz Etch Primer comes in. By chemically bonding with the surface you can create a perfectly smooth and even base. Application is easy and it also acts as an excellent protector against rust, stopping corrosion. This primer is great because it is suitable to be used on all metal surfaces including: Ferrous and non-ferrous, alloys and brass, polished or un-sanded metals and brazed joints and welds.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to ship aerosols and liquids to certain areas of the UK and never outside of the UK. Please do not purchase if you are located outside of UK, your order will be cancelled.

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About Holts

Holts has a long and distinguished past and, with nearly 100 years of experience, we have become a global leader in the car aftercare market. With sales from the UK to UAE and India to Israel, Holts has become a truly international business. In 1919 Douglas Holt started our business which prided itself on understanding the car care needs of its customers and developing products which helped their vehicles run better and last longer. Today, Holts original values of quality, integrity and service remain at the core of everything we do and we continue to celebrate our Britishness.


Holts quite simply solves problems! That is what we do! From flat tyres to leaking radiators and seized brakes, we help professionals  get the job done. Developed with our customers in mind, Holts products can be relied upon to deal with car care challenges. Our market leading products like Tyreweld, Radweld and Gun Gum, have over the years become well known and recommended by industry professionals. Why? Because they work and have enjoyed a successful track record of performing as promised!


Established in the US in 1927, Prestone has become a world leader in the protection of cars in extreme conditions. Our state of the art research and development facility in Danbury, Connecticut continues to ensure that Prestone remains at the cutting edge of automotive technology. Number 1 in the US, the original Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze patented formula is guaranteed to be suitable for all cars and can be added to any other Coolant/Antifreeze. Used by OEM’s globally, Prestone removes complexity for professionals who enjoy the benefits of a new found simplicity!


Dating back to 1922, Redex has a colourful and fascinating history. Not least that Redex was added to the fuel of World War 2 planes to keep them flying for longer. These planes were marked with a characteristic Red X to give pilots extra confidence before flying. A shot of Redex was also given at petrol stations as a quick and easy addition to the fuel tank to improve engine performance.

Over the years, Redex has remained at the forefront of engine technology and has also responded innovatively to todays need for more convenient packaging. Regular use saves fuel, reduces emissions and improves the life of engines and professionals can rest assured that Redex will effectively clean fuel systems and keep everyone driving.


Simoniz Original Wax is where it all began over a century ago back the US. Our gold tin became an icon and the product has become the industry benchmark for long lasting protection & brilliant shine. Today, it is the product by which all others are judged!  More than 100 years of valeting experience has ensured that our comprehensive new range can be trusted by professionals to provide market leading performance every time.

Our Simoniz knowledge and experience has even been celebrated as a verb in the English dictionary! Si-mon-ize – verb (used with object), to shine or polish to a high sheen ; to simonize a vehicle.

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Spraying your car can be an easy task, we have lots of different colours available. All you would need is your vehicles colour code. You can find it by clicking the link below :

See your colour code here - This can also be found on your vehicle Chassis Plate

When you find your colour code, use the search option above, and enter the colour code. You can then view the product directly.

Please Note : Due to the vast amount of colours on the market, please use the filter function to the left to help your find the required colour. Think Car Care... Think Car Spares