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Perfect Polish Applicator - Autoglym

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Product Description

The Perfect Polish devices introduce an innovative new accessory designed to enhance the ease of use and the performance of a wide range of Autoglym products. The unique design with 'self grip' characteristics helps improve efficiency and comfort, leading to a reduction in effort when carrying out tasks involved in cleaning and polishing your car. The lightweight design of the applicator, whilst helping reduce effort, will also ensure both rapid and more even coverage of product, thereby avoiding waste and further improving product performance. This amazing new device is ergonomically designed to enhance the performance of a range of Autoglym products on all vehicles, both inside and out. The specially shaped pad removes the necessity to grip and consequently improves the ease of use of a wide selection of products.

  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Unique Self Grip Design
  • Rapid, even coverage
  • Removes the necessity to grip
  • Avoids waste

About Auto Glym

We know how passionate you are about your car. We also understand how good it feels to stand back and admire a deep glossy finish.

We invest countless hours developing our products in our state of the art laboratories. 

We test hundreds of raw materials and blend them together to make truly effective, easy to use products that do exactly what they are supposed to time and time again. 

We partner with key vehicle manufacturers and racing teams to ensure product compatibility on all existing and emerging automotive finishes. 

We strive to continually better ourselves and improve as our customers and technical partners set us new challenges that we thrive on solving.

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As time goes by, you vehicle bodywork is exposed to all sorts of thing such as

  • Harsh Weather Conditions
  • Dirt and Grease
  • Stones and Grit
  • Air Oxidation - Causing Corrosion and Rust

Its important to keep your body work clean, this maintains the top condition of the paintwork, and to do that you need the right equipment:

  • Sponges
  • Spray Apllicators
  • Polish Applicators
  • Microfibre Wash Mits
  • Many Many More

are all highly usefull tools to do the job properly. So whatever you need, were confident you will find it here. Think Car Care... Think Car Spares