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Shampoo & Carnauba Wax 5LT SAPP0086A

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Product Description

Simoniz Shampoo & Carnauba Wax is a super strength quality dual action wash and wax shampoo that removes harmful, stubborn dirt and grime to leave a streak-free shine and provide lasting protection.

Added Carnauba wax provides guaranteed protection and shine. Combining the shampoo and wax elminates the need for polishing, saving time and money.

Ideal to use between polishes as it protects the wax and maintains water beading protection.

Your car's too precious and expensive to trust household products, which can strip the natural waxes in your paintwork, leaving it subject to damage from weather and sun damage.

Its powerful enough to lift away the toughest dirt and road grime, yet gentle enough not to strip the wax away.

"Carnauba wax is an all-natural wax derived from Brazilian palm trees. Its clarity and durability have made it the prized ingredient in car washes for decades. By combining this wax with a quality wash, the tiresome process of waxing is therefore eliminated."

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Technical Details

Volume 5L
Brand Holts
Manufacturer's Part Number SAPP0086A
Image Every effort is taken to use an accurate image, however some are use for display purposes only. To check if the image is accurate, please contact us.

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By: Guest

"good shampoo easy to use and a good price for a 5ltr bottle "

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