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Hilta HILT9160 9160 Portable Car Battery Power Booster Jump Start Starter Rescue Pack 1800 AMP 12v

4691127077202, HILT9230, 192258608471, 201861406910
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Brand Hilta Garage Equipment
Manufacturer's Part Number HILT9160
Image Every effort is taken to use an accurate image, however some are use for display purposes only. To check if the image is accurate, please contact us.

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You never know what dangers are lurking ahead for your vehicle. Be prepared for the worst case scenario. What would you do if you broke down in the middle of no where ? with a flat phone and nobody is around. This is where our booster packs are very usefull. If you need to jump-start your engine, we have amazing products right here at Car Spares LTD. Our booster packs are :

  • Small enough to be stored in the boot of your car
  • Reliable for all emergencies

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