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Ring RCT1 10 Piece European Travel Kit, with Warning Triangle, 2 High Vis Vests, Bulb Kit, NF Breathalysers, First Aid Kit, Foil Blanket, Beam Reflectors, GB Sticker and Storage Case

RCT1, 192340296864, MACRCT1
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Product Description

  • AVOID FINES: All the legal essentials for driving in Continental Europe. If you don't meet the regulations in the country you are driving in, you could be given an on-the-spot-fine.
  • SAFETY ESSENTIALS: Kit includes warning triangle, 2 high vis vests, universal bulb kit, NF breathalysers, first aid kit, foil blanket, beam reflectors and GB stickers.
  • STAY TIDY: Comes with storage case to keep kit tidy in the car - Velcro strips attach to the boot lining.
  • TRAVEL NECESSITIES: It is a legal requirement to have motoring essentials in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria and Poland.
  • NF REGULATIONS: Breathalysers are NF approved and meet French regulations, an essential for driving in France.

Driving across Europe? Sounds amazing! But make sure you know what you need to stay legal – and avoid a hefty on-the-spot fine. Different countries have different requirements for motorists, and you need to make sure you have everything you need before you travel.

10 Piece kit – Everything You Need

One kit with everything you need – and all meeting regulations and quality standards, so you know that your safety kit is high quality and will be reliable when you need it.

Safety Essentials

Kit includes

  • Easy to assemble warning triangle
  • Two high vis vests
  • A universal replacement bulb kit, containing bulbs needed in most makes and models
  • First aid kit to treat minor cuts and injuries
  • Foil blanket, to use in a emergency if cold or in shock
  • Beam reflectors, to make UK headlamps suitable to use in continental Europe – you won’t dazzle oncoming traffic
  • Two NF-approved breathalysers – a necessity for driving in France. The breathalysers must NF approved – don’t accept cheaper substitutes.
  • GB sticker – to show where you are from.

To check the latest requirements for driving abroad, visit and see the table below.

Storage Solutions

The kit comes in a tidy, zip-up bag, to keep tidily in the car. The bag has Velcro on the outside to attach it to the inside of the boot.

Enjoy your trip – and stay legal and safe, with this one handy kit.

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Brand Ring AutoMotive
Manufacturer's Part Number RCT1
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