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(5L) Pro+ Power Gold 10w/40 Semi Synthetic Long Life Engine Oil

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Product Description

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Pro+Power Gold 10w/40

A Semi Synthetic Motor Oil

Pro+Power Gold 10w/40 is a high quality semi synthetic motor oil designed for high performance, turbo and non turbocharged petrol and diesel engines and may be used in passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, 4x4 off roaders where motor manufacturers require the Performance Specifications described below. Pro+Power Gold 10w/40 exceeds the ACEA B4 specification required by many European diesel passenger car manufacturers and uses “Visco Molecular” technology to maintain maximum film strength, adjusting automatically to driving conditions.

  • A fuel efficient motor oil.
  • Reduces friction, heat and engine wear.
  • Maintains a stable viscosity at high temperature.
  • Combines maximum performance with improved fuel efficiency.
  • Suitable for high performance engines including multivalve and direct injection.


An engine doesn’t just burn oil. Poorly formulated or cheap motor oils may actually evaporate at high temperature becoming thicker and more viscous, resulting in poor circulation, reduced fuel economy and increased engine wear. This may be experienced on a long drive when you notice that your oil level has dropped unexpectedly. Pro+Power Gold 10w/40 is a high quality semi synthetic motor oil designed to resist evaporation.

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Technical Details

Volume 5L
Manufacture Part Number PRO10405LSS
Brand Pro+ Power Ultra
Manufacturer's Part Number PRO10405LSS

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