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Prestone Anti-Freeze and Coolant 4L PAFR0301A

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PAFR0301A, CCCPAFR0301A, 15010218001951
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Product Description

Topping up or replacing your coolant can be done at home, but choosing a coolant for your car can be confusing. Coolants come in different colours, and mixing coolants which aren’t compatible, or using the wrong one for your car, can cause clogging, engine failure and expensive damage.

Prestone solves this problem for you by offering one product that is guaranteed for all cars and can be mixed with any colour of coolant. So it doesn’t matter what vehicle you drive or what cooIant has been used in it, Prestone can be used to top up or at a service interval to replace the entire coolant in the engine. Prestone coolant contains patented technology and has been tested in the most challenging conditions found on earth, from the coldest to the hottest; including the Sahara desert, so we know that it performs from -37?C to 129?C.

  • Guaranteed for all cars, vans and light duty trucks
  • Mixes with any colour of coolants
  • Protection in all extremes from -37?C to 129?C
  • Concentrated formula so you can mix with water as needed
  • Unique patented US formula – Number 1 in the US and a world coolant technology leader

Get pioneering protection all year round with Prestone Coolant Concentrate.

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Technical Details

Volume 4L
Brand Holts
Manufacturer's Part Number PAFR0301A
Image Every effort is taken to use an accurate image, however some are use for display purposes only. To check if the image is accurate, please contact us.

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By: Guest

"Best product if unknown anti freeze in car. "

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An antifreeze is an additive which lowers the freezing point of a water-based liquid and increases its boiling point. An antifreeze mixture is used to achieve freezing-point depression for cold environments and also achieves boiling-point elevation ("anti-boil") to allow higher coolant temperature. Most automotive engines are "water"-cooled to remove waste heat, although the "water" is actually antifreeze/water mixture and not plain water. The term engine coolant is widely used in the automotive industry.

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