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Power Maxed PMCSEAL Coolant Seal Radiator Stop Leak 250ml

PMCSEAL, 5053406001596, 053406001596
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Product Description

Designed with Carbon Fibre, Coolant Seal is carefully engineered to provide the best possible permanent seal for leaks in cooling systems. Sealing coolant leaks can be a preventative measure against blown head gaskets.

Carbon Fibre has a very high tensile strength which is perfect for permanently sealing leaks in the cooling system without clogging. 


  • Sealing leaks anywhere in the coolant system
  • Preventing future leaks in the coolant system
  • Preventing temperature-related blown head gaskets

Product FAQ

Technical Details

Volume 250ml
Brand Power Maxed
Manufacturer's Part Number PMCSEAL
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About Power Maxed

We are a company based in the UK with a great deal of experience in this market sector and we specialise in bringing products such as power maxed, diesel turbo cleaner, steel seal & j-b weld to market.

We found a gap in the car cleaning market, many products did not perform as they said they would, so we took the time and developed a range of products that compete and out do most of the big players in the field, and launched Power Maxed at the Autosport Show in 2013 we are the owner & manufacturer of an ever increasing range.

We currently supply 1000’s of Motor Factors and Motor Stores across the UK and have distributors in many European countries. We have developed an enviable reputation for high quality products and exceptional marketing creating good sell through for our members, because of our independence we have the ability to pick and choose the products we get involved with carefully, and it’s nice to get involved with a product that will sell itself.

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