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20L Greenox Adblue AD820

AD820, BARAD820, 5081304297254
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Product Description

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a high purity operating fluid, used in the emissions removal systems of diesel engined vehicles and equipment. Chemically speaking AdBlue is a 32.5 percent solution of Urea in purifed water.

The AdBlue is stored in a tank on the vehicle and from there dosed automatically by the ECU directly into the exhaust gas at a rate in relation to the amount of Nitrous Oxides (NOx) being produced by the engine.

Following mixing, the AdBlue and exhaust gas mixture passes into a catalyst system where a chemical reaction takes place converting the NOx to harmless Nitrogen and Water, which are then expelled from the end of the exhaust.

During the reaction the AdBlue is consumed and needs to be replaced by refilling the tank periodically. AdBlue consumption is related to engine load, engine size, travelling terrain and temperature.

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Technical Details

Volume 20L
Brand Greenox
Manufacturer's Part Number AD820
Safety Notice Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Harmful If Swallowed
Image Every effort is taken to use an accurate image, however some are use for display purposes only. To check if the image is accurate, please contact us.

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