Click for more info Manufacturer approved lubricants.
M.P.M. Lubricants.

Manufacturer approved lubricants from M.P.M. Are now stocked at Car Spares !

Specific oils and lubricants backed by certificated approvals , these are the highest quality products.

Click for more info Turbo cleaner
Turbo troubles ?

Turbochrgers can cost an awful lot of time and money to replace , some applications are also very failure prone due to design problems that have come to light since they were put into production.

Never to rest on our laurels we have invested in a new product which could potentially save a lot of money...MORE»
Click for more info DSG gearbox fluid.

DSG gearbox fluid ?

What is DSG ?

Well to those people out there who would like to know this is the acronym of -

Direct shift gearbox or DSG for short.

The twin-clutch transmission was designed to eliminate the lag inherent in SMTs and manuals. The twin-clutch...MORE»

Click for more info Moog - steering and suspension.

Who are Moog ?

MOOG provides premium steering and suspension parts to customers...MORE»

Click for more info KYB Suspension.
Car Spares (Dist)ltd bring you KYB - one of the worlds leading steering and suspension manufacturers.

KYB is one of the world's largest suppliers of shock absorbers to vehicle manufacturers. Over 1 million KYB shock absorbers are manufactured every week. KYB Europe GmbH provides world class product quality and customer service to the aftermarket in Europe, the Middle East...MORE»
Click for more info Steel seal head gasket repair.

Pour in Blown Head Gasket Fix



Click for more info Keep it clean ......
You demanded it - we got it for you !!!

Diesel particulate filter regenerative fluid.

A bit of a mouthful that one - this is the fluid used when the vehicle needs to self-clean the diesel particulate filter on your vehicle once certain conditions are reached this fluid is injected through the fuel system and reacts in the exhaust to increase the...MORE»
Click for more info Exide Batteries.
Exide Batteries.

Exide Technologies, with operations in
more than 80 countries and fiscal 2010 net sales of approximately $2.7
billion, is one of the world's largest producers and recyclers of
lead-acid batteries. The Company's four global business groups -
Transportation Americas, Transportation Europe and Rest of...MORE»
Click for more info Battery Recycling.
Bought a new car or lorry battery lately?

Batteries depending on the size of them can weigh an awful lot! So instead of taking it down to the local council waste site (time + effort + fuel) why not bring it to us? We are open 7 days a week and are probably more local and easier to get to than your local waste site anyway!(Birmingham/black country area).
For a nominal fee of £1.50...MORE»
Click for more info Crankshaft pulley's.
The latest part to find a home in our welcoming branches is...

Crankshaft pulley's.

Huh? I hear you say , on virtually all convetional petrol and diesel engines they have a pulley attached to the crankshaft (toward the lower part of the engine) which will have some form of rubberised belt or linked chain running around it.

These circular objects are subject to various...MORE»
Click for more info Calling all Corsas!
 Do you own a Mk2 Vauxhall Corsa? (2000-2007)

Having difficulty getting 1st or 2nd gear ?

Yes you will be needing a new gear linkage device-now available from your local motor factor -

CarSpares (Dist) Ltd.

Recently added by public demand quality sourced gear linkage for the Vauxhall Corsa,ring your local branch for price and...MORE»
Click for more info N.G.K. The Perfect Driving Machine?
Well Well Well ....

Who would have thought it ?

If you mention NGK to any one who works within the motor trade they will tell you that they are predominantly a Japanese oriented spark plug manufacturer who specialise in spark plugs for the Asian/Chinese/Japanese manufacturers.For many years now NGK have been far more than this and currently supply as standard fit (O.E.) to...MORE»
Click for more info Hydraulic Cluch Operation.
Clutch operation has never been easier !

The concentric slave cylinder assembly is designed to operate directly in front of the clutch cover assembly.

The unique design eliminates the need for complex and sometimes expensive clutch release fork and linkage mechanisms.

Direct hydraulic load applied to the clutch via the master cylinder and...MORE»
Click for more info Ferodo Brake Pads, Discs and Shoes.
 Ferodo brake pads and shoes one of the leading names in friction materials in europe and the u.s.a.

Choosing a first class brake replacement such as ferodo's 'Premium' is a choice thats as easy as ABC ... there is no choice to make !! Top quality brake linings at a very competetive price.

When it comes to stopping power don't opt for...MORE»
Click for more info Pro-power products.
Customer demand for high quality affordable components has opened up a niche market which we are calling -


Now kept in stock are some of the more popular replacement components not only in branded names but also in our alternate brand PRO-POWER we can now offer on a variety of components a choice of known branded parts as well as the...MORE»
Click for more info Technical and Troubleshooting guides and tips.
In our technical section of our website you can search for articles of a general / technical nature these range from basic or more common things that you will find on vehicles to some more in depth technical guides which you can download and print.To do this though you will have to register with us with some valid details (email and name etc)so we can verify you as a genuine user,once done we...MORE»
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